For all your Evacuation Systems
  • Emergency evacuation plan

Focus on clients' needs and the operational use of the building

  • Strong background in evacuation planning, management and Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS)
  • Accurate and detailed understanding of various alarm systems, including Emergency Warden Intercommunication Systems (EWIS)
  • Promotes the benefits of scenario-based training
  • Experience with large healthcare facilities, childcare and rest homes
  • Provides support in dealing with crowd control and confrontation during evacuation

What We Do

Evacuation & Safety Consultants


Phil Jackson

Certified Evacuation Consultant

+64 0 21 0235 5487

As a certified fire evacuation consultancy company...

...we can help you meet the fire evacuation requirements of new buildings as well as improvements to existing procedural structure in order to reduce organisational safety risk, the associated financial loss and promote a culture of preparedness. To support our current delivery, we bring the transferable skills expected from industries such as the UK police force, NZ private investigation and security industry, such as clear communication, active listening and solutions-focused approach. We are experienced in supporting large corporates, and providing pivotal support and advice to operations that have attracted or have the risk of attracting media attention. We have worked to prevent disruption from issue-motivated groups, ensuring companies can continue to operate safely.

"I am experienced in providing a solutions focused approach to large corporates."

What our clients say about us

  • "We enjoy working with Phil, he has an in-depth knowledge of healthcare, and is able to adapt his approach to meet our changing needs and standards. Lyle Myers – Bupa"
  • "I have had the opportunity to work with Phil Jackson on a numerous occasions, and find it to be refreshing to deal with an evacuation consultant who understands the benefits of scenario-based training. Phil has put substantial effort in gaining an accurate and detailed understanding of various alarm systems, and has no difficulty in liaising with Consulting Engineers and Fire Protection Service companies.Given the results that both myself and my clients have obtained from Mr. Jackson's evacuation schemes/procedures. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. George McGoram - Service Manager, Fire System Maintenance Ltd"
  • "It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Phil Jackson, given his strong background in evacuation planning and management and his ability to coordinate projects. He is a colleague full of enthusiasm and capable of providing outstanding solutions as a consultant on evacuation matters." Ruggiero Lovregilo - Senior Lecturer - Massey Universityhttp://www.lovreglio.info/ 

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Phil Jackson

Certified Evacuation Consultant

Tel: +64 0 21 0235 5487

Massey University and Evacuation Now Ltd are working in partnership to gather information on human behavior during building evacuations. This information is used by the students in their projects, and by lecturers for their research.